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NRG Networks offers email boxes to accompany your site, usually in blocks of ten, but any number may be considered. We will provide a home for your email to travel through with Outlook capable connections and website portals. This means that we can show you your email through a program like Outlook or through a site on the web, similar to yahoo or hotmail except with more features and admin control. We can also redirect your email so your Blackberry can get it too.

Your email will most likely bear the name of your company's website so if your company is Chocolate Plus and your name is Cindy, you can be cindy@chocolateplus.com. Your email will also be moved through several filters, including a new state of the art system updated by humans, to help keep spam out of your inbox. There is much more, but in the end, our best hope is that using this email will be a natural action without issue. Of course, should you have questions or concerns, we are there to help too.

What is E-mail?

E-mail is short for Electronic Mail. Just like standard mail that comes into your local post office, E-mail can come to you in many different forms. The most common form was standard text messages. These are short messages that contain only text, no special formatting like making a word Bold or Italic. Now a days, E-mail takes on many new forms, such as HTML, Flash movies and games, imbedded pictures, and even full length videos.

Common E-mail Misconceptions

E-mail can be sent from anyone, to anyone or even to any number of people. Just like standard mail, you can never really know who sent you something or what that something contains until you open it. Consider this. How hard would it be for you to write a letter to someone, mark the return address as someone other then yourself, (let say the President of the United States), put a stamp on it, and drop it in the nearest Blue mail box. Not very hard.

Consider the person getting the letter now. When that letter appears in the mail box, would they know it wasn't from the President of the United States? Other then simple logic telling them that the President wouldn't send them an unsolicited mail, they would have know way of knowing who sent it or why. E-mail works the same way. Just because the E-mail is labled as coming from someone, does not mean that they actually sent it to you.

E-mail is safe and secure. When an email leaves your computer, it can pass thru any number of computer systems before it ends up in the e-mail box of the intended person or persons. It is easily redirected, either accidentally or purposely. E-mail can also be sent automatically to a large number of addresses (Mailing List).
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